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fangirl challenge [2/15] pairings

Kazehaya x Sawako of Kimi Ni Todoke 

Isn't it great that despite the great distance between us, you have this great tool to tell me how great I am. On a great daily basis? It's okay if you don't want to tell me I'm great. I greatly know it anyways.

About Me
94' line. I am 20 years old (welp). I am an undergrad at the University of Ottawa (Major Econ Minor Law). I intend to be extremely successful. Like Hokage or Avatar level successful (just wait, you'll see what I mean when I do it). I like to make friends, but please don't expect stuff from me, unless you've been with me for like 5+ years, I find it extremely difficult to keep up a convo. If we just cracking stupid jokes at each other then holla. I'm a third year, you know? So I get busy sometimes (all the time) and if I wanna be the next hokage avatar then I can't be playin. I don't like to call it semi-hiatus (but that's legit what it actually is) so I'll call it...active whenever I can. Some things you don't need to know but you should cause one day you'll regret not knowing: me and my best friend by ourselves are on another level, when we together noTHING CAN HOLD US DOWN. WE'RE REACHING FOR SOMETHING ELSE. BYE.